• Haglöf EC II Electronic clinometer to measure heights and inclination

    • Well-known product quality with appreciated accuracy results
    • Three-button operation design
    • Low battery consumption and internal display
    • Instant result of inclination and height
    • No more calculation errors or misreading of scales


    1. Set the current distance to the tree or other object. Measure the distance with a tape or a thread meter.
    2. Aim at root/ground level and press the button. The angle is measured and featured.
    3. Aim at the top (or other height) and press the button. The angle is measured.
    4. The height (based on the input distance and the two measured angles) are presented in the display.


    1. Aim at the object and press the button.
    2. The result is presented to you in the display.



    Code: ECII
    $454.25 inc GST

    The Suunto PM-5 hand-held clinometers are used all over the world by foresters, surveyors, engineers, cartographers, geologists, miners and architects and many others to measure heights, vertical angles and slopes quickly, reliably and easily.

    Product highlights

    • Scales for slope in degrees and %
    • Accurate measurement of heights and slopes
    • Optical reading of card for higher accuracy


    Code: PM5/360/PC
    $269.90 inc GST
  • Rubber cover can be used to protect all the different Suunto KB-14 and PM-5 models. The rubber cover is in yellow to make it more visible, and it is made of a saltwater and UV-resistant mixture of EPDM and natural rubber. Additionally, the rubber cover is easy to hold while wearing gloves.

    Code: SUUCOV
    $38.12 inc GST