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    $221.50 inc GST

    SCORPRO Deadblow Hammer

    Developed in conjunction with the Logging Industry Research Organization40cm long and weighs 3 lbs / 1.4kg - for a decent swing, but not too long to get caught up in slash.Made here in NZ
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    $93.00 inc GST

    Thorace Deadblow Hammer

    Coated Die cast Aluminium alloy head, Rubber grip and Nylon faces.The Die cast Aluminium alloy head is fitted with screw-in white Nylon faces.Hollow die cast head partially filled with steel shot, which adds to the weight of the impact and prevents rebound, delivering a dead blow.Faces are designed...
  • Price:
    $78.00 inc GST

    THOREX Hammer

    Thorex plastic hammer with plastic handle, chrome plated zinc heads with screw in nylon faces fitted as standard.Faces are designed to wear and are replaceable by hand.Durable faces screw in for instant replacement.Replacement...
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    $12.68 inc GST

    Replacement Hammer Caps

    For both Thorace and Thorex HammersHard wearing White Nylon.General purpose face.For light and Heavy assembly work.Faces are designed to wear and to be replaced by hand.All faces are one piece moulded.Faces have a shoulder for extra strength and to prevent...