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  • The Buck ErgoLiteā„¢

    Designed in Conjunction with C.O.R. Ergonomic Solutions, the patented Buck ErgoLite is the latest addition to the Buckingham ErgovationĀ® Family. Modeled after Buckingham's popular ErgovationĀ® Saddle and utilizes heavy-duty materials and suspension and bridge options.

    Features include: Stainless-steel clevises at either end of a high-strength warp speed bridge Allows for simple bridge replacement when necessary - Use only Buckingham authorized bridges. Instead of taking the saddle apart, the user opens and closes the locking clevis with common tools. Front buckle closure (for easier on/off wearing spikes), a comfortable, lightweight, and very breathable waist belt, lightweight aluminum full sized work positioning dee rings, second set of dee's mounted under the work positioning dee's allow the bridge to articulate, quick-adjust strapping. Adjustment areas for an ideal fit include waist, legs, seat depth and bridge height 6 Large accessory loops.

    Code: 17906-L
    From: $817.65 inc GST
    $650.00 inc GST