• Logging Hazard Refelective Sign

    800 x 1200 x 4mm Logging Operations sign. Enter your Crew, Channel, Name & Phone.

    Code: HAZSI
    $304.75 inc GST
  • Code: LOC
    $303.60 inc GST
  • Temporary Warning Signs are required for your logging operation/tree felling operation when working on or near public/private roads. Some Temporary Warning sign combinations consist of... a MINI KWIK-LOK stand (TS-18), a 750 x 750mm diamond “Hazard” (TW-2A) or “Road Closed” sign (RG-16), a one or two line supplementary sign (e.g. “Logging Operation” or “Tree Felling” (TW-2.5a)), and a base (TS-02, TS-04, TS-12 or TS-20).
    The Transit New Zealand publication CODE OF PRACTICE FOR TEMPORARY TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT specifies
    location and layout requirements for Temporary Warning signs.
    (Available from Standards NZ - 04-498 5991.)
    Code: TFPVC
    $238.05 inc GST