Throw Lines

Throw Lines
  • The BIG SHOT® makes quick work of getting a working line into position and helps get you get onto the job at hand. Used to launch a throwbag (with line attached) over a tree's branch to tow working lines into position. This very simple, oversized slingshot uses commercial-duty fiberglass extension poles butted against the ground to eliminate recoil and maximize launching distance of 8 to 16 ounce weights. While hand-throwing straight up is nearly impossible... or at best, requires a great deal of practice, the BIG SHOT® allows operators to launch nearly straight up into the tallest canopies, avoiding adjacent brush and limbs. For peak performance, don't use the BIG SHOT® with total pole length less than 8 feet. BIG SHOT® with two 4' poles.

    Code: 1027
    $339.25 inc GST
  • Big Shot Base and Extension Poles, Big Shot head with Sling & Pouch fitted, and Big Shot Replacement Sling & Pouch.
    Code: 1027H
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  • Falteimer Folding Cube

    Collapsable (40cm square x 40cm deep) throwline storage with a handle and two internal pockets, folds down to 43cm x 30cm x 30cm triangle.

    Code: CUBE
    $171.35 inc GST
  • Very lightweight and kink-free Throw Line. Tears at a load of 45 daN.

    Code: ED/TH/50/RW
    From: $34.50 inc GST
  • Gecko Dyneema Throw Line

    This throwline is used by members of the New Zealand tree climbing team and is the perfect blend of stretch and stiffness, strength and weight. Constructed of a Dyneema plat cover with a slightly stretchy monofilament core. The line offers tremendous strength but enough stretch to make it good for launching and flicking. Plus, the Dyneema cover runs the line smoothly over branches and prevents snagging. Tangles less when compared to other throw lines by remaining stiff with only a slight memory.

    It is suggested that you milk/stretch the line before you first use it to get the best performance from then on. If you can avoid folding your cube you'll have much better success too. Its the stiffness in the throwline that stops it from tangling but that can have its downsides too.

    Also, anyone that knows about Dyneema knows its knotted strength is low. Avoid bowlines with a large eye that's girth hitched on the throwbag ring. Use a figure 8 slipknot which has a high break-strength efficiency and is easy to get undone to remove the bag. Another good option is to attach the line to an Edelrid Micro O carabiner which makes fitting and removing bags a breeze.

    • Available in 50m (Red) and 60m (Orange)
    • 1.8mm diameter
    • 150kg Breaking Strength (365 lbs)
    • Used by the World Champions of New Zealand
    • A portion of the proceeds go towards a fund dedicated to the training of promising NZ tree climbers
    Code: GECKT50
    From: $65.00 inc GST
  • The "Harrison Rocket" is the best throw bag in the world. Designed in New Zealand by 3 times New Zealand climbing champ Andy Harrison and handcrafted by Andy's wife Ali. Used by climbers the world over who appreciate the best.


    • Available in 8, 9, 10, 12, 14 and 16oz
    • Flat-sided, nickel-plated D-ring for improved throwline knotting
    • Robust double-stitched canvas construction
    • Sleek, aerodynamic profile for greater accuracy
    • Convenient bottom micro-carabiner attachment point


    Code: HRT08
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  • Has two handles, two external pockets, one pocket in the base, drawstring and side ring.
    Diameter is 22cm (top), 15cm (bottom) x 22cm deep.
    Code: HTB
    $65.78 inc GST
  • Has two handles, one D ring, one external pocket, two internal pockets (one in the base and one on the side). The drawstring lid closes tight and yet is big enough to fold back over the edge of the bag for better access. Diameter is 20cm x 22cm deep.
    Code: MY110
    $50.39 inc GST
  • APTA - Air Powered Tree Access

    The Air Powered Tree Access launcher is the fastest, most accurate, dependable, and satisfying way to get your throwline where you want it to go. Now improved with an easy-pull valve handle, a shorter compression chamber, and longer barrel, the APTA is faster to pump, easier to use, and just as accurate as always.

    Combined with a basic foot or hand pump (not included) or metered air connection the aluminum APTA line launcher allows users to quickly set lines at heights in excess of 30m.

    The new super smooth valve is faster, lighter weight, easier to pull, and much more accurate, and the smaller compression chamber and longer barrel make it faster and easier to pump.


    • Powerful line launcher
    • Durable
    • No rubber bands or parts that require replacement
    • No effort required to hold and aim
    • Repeatable results
    • Weighs < 17 kg
    • Length: 1.37m

    APTA Instructions

    Code: TS16899
    $339.25 inc GST
  • Weaver Folding Cube - (Out of Stock)

    This folding cube from Weaver makes gathering, storing and organizing your throw line and weights a breeze. It features two interior pockets as well as an interior Velcro strap and D-ring for securing the end of your throw line. Opens to a large 40cm cube and can be folded down into a small triangle that secures with a Velcro strap.

    Code: TSWC
    $79.50 inc GST
  • Long shot throw line is a UHMPE (Spectra) fiber which has been Maxijacket ™ coated for toughness and anti snagging commonly found in other throw lines. Long shot is a solid braid structure creating a firmer rounder construction, creating less friction on the surface area of the branch to line. Long shot is 1.8mm.
    Code: YALELS150
    From: $47.51 inc GST
  • With Zing It you don’t get line tangles like you do with other lines. Time saved not having to untangle or mess around with your lines means you can get the job done quicker. Time is money as the old saying goes.

    (Longer or shorter lengths available on request)

    Code: ZINGIT180
    From: $1.33 inc GST