• Buckingham Deluxe Traverse Harness

    The Deluxe Traverse is an improved version of the Traverse. The same hard wearing quality now with extra rings and loops to accommodate your gear. The back pad liner has two layers of foam, one firm and one cushioned and is covered with Drilek to wick away the moisture. The leg straps now use the "quick connect buckle" for the convenience of setting the straps once and then just clicking in the buckle.

    Code: 11292Z1-01
    From: $787.75 inc GST
  • The Traverse is our best selling harness with the very popular "sliding D-ring" design. The advantage of a "sliding D" is enhanced torso movement, in a job that requires constant reaching in all directions. You can turn behind you, turning your torso, while the waist belt, with a friction buckle waist closure, remains in the intended spot. The front strap moves through the sliding D in a fluid motion, providing greater mobility without excessive strain on your spine. Not only does this saddle have Buckingham's popular batten seat design, but buyers also get twin sliding D-rings, for the ultimate split-tail harness.

    Code: 1292-S
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  • A lightweight saddle with an 8" wide rigid back pad provides plenty of support. The combination of padded individual leg straps and a sliding D ring offers the climber superior freedom of movement.

    Code: 1349Z1-S
    From: $385.25 inc GST
  • The combination of a floating D ring and individual padded leg straps offer the climber superior freedom of movement and comfort. It is constructed with a 5 1/2" wide padded back support.

    Code: 1377-S
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  • treeMOTION S.light

    This super light (S.light) version of the ever popular treeMOTION harness is a new product designed by TEUFELBERGER in collaboration with the Treemagineers. Its wearers can count on enjoying the usual high quality and comfort. The S.light has also been tested to 120 kg and features the safety seams at the ends of the rope bridge. The rear ring on this variant is still red and thus only suited to attach equipment.
    The thinner material and the lighter readjusting buckles make this harness extremely lightweight and, as a result, suited for tasks that require repeated ascending and descending. It adapts perfectly to your body and does not interfere with your climbing.

    EU-RL 89/686/EWG for PPE,
    in dependence on EN 813 and EN 358.
    ANSI Z133.1-2012

    SizeHip CircumferenceLeg CircumferenceWeightRated Load
    One Size76 - 91cm52 - 66cm2kg120kg
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    $598.00 inc GST
  • treeMOTION evo - IN STOCK

    The anticipation is over! The next evolution of the treeMOTION harness is here.

    The treeMOTION evo is our top climbing harness for all arborists with multiple bridge variations changed out as required. The combination of the new versatile performance features with the comfort and safety that you already know has evolved into the NEW treeMOTION evo.



    New exchangeable double rope or simple webbing bridge - COMING SOON

    • Knotted rope bridge
    • Stitched rope bridge
    • Webbing bridge

    New forward D rings (European Pat App 3 332 840)

    • Easy change between knotted and stitched bridge - COMING SOON

    New Cobra Buckles

    • Anodised
    • Stronger
    • With protection against sawdust

    New webbing organizer


    EN813:2008, EN358:1999, ANSI Z133-2017, ASTM F887-16, CSA Z259.1-05, AS/NZS 1891.1:2007


    The Teufelberger treeMOTION evo convinces arborists all over the world of its quality, featuring

    • NEW multiple bridge variations changed out as required
    • Multi-color bridges for more safety
    • more comfort due to a great range of movement,
    • ergonomic comfort
    • reduced pressure point due to multi-layer webbing layout
    • color coded attachment hardware improves safety
    • multiple options for approved/certified bridge attachment hardware
    • replaceable back padding
    • individual gear loops,
    • great work positioning convenience and
    • improved distribution of loads, as well as
    • the use of premium quality materials

    Different bridge options are available in different lengths: - coming soon

    • knotted rope bridge (125cm and 180cm)
    • stitched rope bridge (40cm, 45cm and 50cm)
    • webbing bridge (40cm, 45cm and 50cm)

    The treeMOTION evo impresses with the high strength textile/plastic mixture used, top-notch hardware and exchangeable wearing parts.

    Due to these exchangeable wearing parts the full service life of the harness can be optimally utilized.

    The following parts can be exchanged:

    • Rope bridges
    • Hip-leg connection
    • Comfort Back Padding
    • Left and right leg loops
    • Leg padding
    • Gear loops

    Our treeMOTION evo can be enhanced by a suitable shoulder strap.


    Important information:
    "Rinse the buckle with lukewarm water after every use. After drying put one drop of WD40 on each moving / movable part of the buckle." AustriAlpin

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    $995.00 inc GST
  • Treecore
    The Tree Core is a very lightweight, functional harness specially develo­ped for arborists. The modular belt system comprises removable D-rings, comfortable padding and sliding D-System to guarantee optimum work positioning and easy adjustment of the waist support. For secure and ef­ficient equipment management the Tree Core has four gear loops, two buckle straps and slide buckle loops, e.g. for chainsaw attachment. Easi­ly-adjustable leg loops ensure optimum wear comfort and make the belt easier to put on and take off. The Tree Core can also be combined with a chest harness (EN 12277).

    Code: ED-8050-023
    $626.75 inc GST
  • Edelrid Air Lounge

    Work positioning seat for the Tree Core Harness with edge protection for enhanced comfort when working at height for longer periods.

    Code: ED-8063-000
    $235.00 inc GST
  • The Tree Austria 3.2 is a fifth generation harness. The hip-leg connections are now adjustable in length, so you can get the weight distribution between the waist belt and the new ergonomically shaped leg pads just right. In addition, the inserts can be removed from the leg pads for your comfort.

    Code: KG34-1
    From: $793.50 inc GST