Climbing Irons

Climbing Irons
  • GECKO - The ultimate in lightweight climbers. Gecko aluminium climbers with wide, comfortable velcro straps, removable, washable and adjustable pads and a choice of American style pole or tree gaffs or European style tree gaffs. Adjustable from 41 to 48 cm in 2 cm increments.


    Code: GECKOAAT
    $569.25 inc GST
  • 2 3/4” long screw in gaff, straight stirrup with ring attached foot strap, adjustable length and pads at top for comfort.
    Code: SB93059
    $517.50 inc GST
  • Buckingham Replaceable Gaff Tree Climbers with "C" Wrap Pads

    Complete steel tree climber set includes:

    • Contoured shank
    • Straight stirrup
    • Dowel & screw 70mm (2 3/4") replaceable tree gaffs
    • 2639 nylon 660mm (26") leg straps
    • 21391 nylon foot straps with split rings
    • 35032 "C" Wrap climber pads
    • Includes standard length sleeves [9204] adjusting from 412 - 476mm (16 1/4" to 18 3/4")


    Code: SB9305948
    $539.73 inc GST
  • Buckingham Replaceable Gaff Pole Climbers with C Wrap Pads

    This steel pole climber kit is perfect for those just getting their start in the business. Buckingham's popular hand-made steel climber features a contoured shank, offset stirrup, and dowel & screw replaceable gaff. The kit includes nylon leg straps (part number: 2239), nylon foot straps (part number: 21391) and "L" style climber pads (part number: 3122), and standard sleeves (part number: 9204) that adjust from 412mm to 476mm.

    Code: SB9405948
    $539.73 inc GST
  • Buckingham has developed the TITANIUM CLIMBER to provide strength, light weight and comfort for total confidence while climbing. Laboratory tests have proven the
    Titanium Climber will provide years of service. The benefit of titanium is it’s as strong as steel and lighter than aluminium. A perfect combination for climbers.
    Code: TB95089/3500C
    $1,130.00 inc GST