Chainsaw Mills

Chainsaw Mills
  • Alaskan Mk III Mill Rail and Handle Only Kits

    What size Rail and Handle kit do I need?

    How big are your trees? How wide of a board do you want to cut? These are questions only you can answer. Granberg's Alaskan Mark III Chainsaw Mill comes in eight normally stocked sizes; 24, 30, 36, 48, 56, 60, 72 and 84 inches long, and all of them will clamp on any size chain saw bar (except one shorter than 5 inches and some narrow bars). When attaching the Mark III chainsaw mill to your chain saw, you will lose 2 to 6 inches of width of cut depending on which is shorter, your bar or the mill. Clamping a 30 inch Mark III chainsaw mill to a 28 inch bar, will give you an approximate 24 inch width of cut. The optimum configuration would be to have a chainsaw mill the same length as your chain saw bar.

    Code: AMRH24
    From: $106.26 inc GST
  • G 776 Alaskan MK III Mill

    Used with your chain saw, the Alaskan MK III can be taken into the woods to make lumber from trees or logs. The Alaskan MK III clamps on the bar in seconds and is easily adjusted to produce different lumber thicknesses.

    The Alaskan MK III chainsaw mill allows the user to efficiently saw trees on site and produce dimensional lumber suitable for building or woodworking projects.

    Code: ARH24
    From: $521.00 inc GST
  • G 555 Mini-Mill

    Compact Lumber Mill. This compact vertical milling attachment combined with your chain saw makes an ideal partner as an edger to the Alaskan MK III. Separately, the Mini-Mill converts logs into timbers of any desired dimension. Comes complete with 12-feet of metal guiderail in 2 foot lengths with screws. When fastened to a 6" x 2" or 8" x 2" plank your guide is complete. (Plank not included.) Guide rail with two or three spikes fastens to the log to complete your guide system. After the log is squared, guide board may be adjusted to cut lumber to any desired dimension.

    Code: G555B
    $275.00 inc GST