Boot Accessories

Boot Accessories
  • 6mm felt insole made from NZ wool for comfort and warmth.
    Code: FMI904
    From: $8.35 inc GST
  • Made from premium grade materials.
    180mm for high leg boots

    Code: FML125
    $3.74 inc GST
  • A combination of beeswax, tanners neatsfoot oil and metal stearate. Actively retains the original character of the leather.

    Designed to replace the leathers natural lubricants whilst allowing the leather to breath.

    Code: FSC777
    $9.72 inc GST
  • Code: FSC781
    From: $64.59 inc GST
  • Code: FWA93520
    $14.03 inc GST
  • Standard - For hill work (16 per pkt)
    Code: GP16
    From: $15.35 inc GST
  • Outdoor gumboot sock
    Lightweight leg
    Cushioned sole
    Heavily reinforced heel toe and sole areas
    Ankle and arch supports

    Colour: Brown

    Code: GS11-13
    From: $18.00 inc GST
  • Code: HB006
    From: $22.00 inc GST
  • 60% merino wool, 20% nylon, 18% isofil, 2% elastic
    Code: ITW3-5
    From: $17.50 inc GST
  • Popular sock to be worn with either shoes or boots
    Fully cushioned

    80% merino wool, 20% nylon

    Code: JS1/3-5
    From: $14.00 inc GST
  • 240mm for high leg boots. Quality laces
    Code: LACEF
    From: $11.00 inc GST
  • The Boot Dry is a safe, silent, simple, overnight way to dry footwear! Using thermal convection - naturally rising warm air - it removes dampness, perspiration and odor from all types of shoes or boots. Using minimal wattage, the Boot Dry is a cost- effective and economically friendly tool for daily use. Because the Boot Dry dries slowly with mild heat, there's no fear of shrinkage or stiffness and no need to remove shoes or boots promptly. In fact, it can even be used as a storage device for regularly worn footwear. The Boot Dry is quite simple - no moving parts, no noise, just plug it in and you're good to go! Whether you work or play outdoors, you deserve to start each day with dry, comfortable footwear. The Boot Dry carries a 30 year warranty against defective materials or workmanship.

    Code: MDBM
    $85.99 inc GST