Cobra Tools

Cobra Tools
  • Cobra Mini Burner:

    Comes with the Cobra Kits but if you are just buying components this is a handy little burner for the end caps.

    Code: CMB
    $17.25 inc GST
  • Product Description:

    High-quality product from Solingen, length 20 cm, stainless steel, micro-toothed edges to prevent slipping off, for cutting rope and anti-abrasion hose to length.

    Code: CSC
    $59.50 inc GST
  • Product description:

    Safety torch for shrinking-on the end caps, refillable with commercially available lighter gas (filling volume 30 cm3).

    The safety torch is handy and shrinks cobra endcaps on the end of cables very fast and is easy to use with one hand. At the push of a button the flame gets ignited electronically and through the regulation of the air supply it can be continuously adjusted from red-orange to blue.

    A switch can block the ignition or turn the flame to continuously on. To refill the safety blow torch use the valve on the bottom side.

    Code: CST
    $188.50 inc GST