Cobra 2t/4t

Cobra 2t/4t
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  • Cobra Tree Bracing

    Cobra is a self adjusting tree bracing system that has spring in it allowing the braced tree to move naturally in the wind, building support wood the natural way rather than being held rigid with wire rope. Not only is the Cobra Bracing System of benefit to the tree it is relatively quick to install and offers ongoing convenience. The installer doesn't have to make numerous return visits to readjust the brace. Cobra is self adjusting.

    For an overview of Cobra Tree Bracing watch this video.

    Cobra 2 tonne / 4 tonne Components:

    This is a quick guide to selecting components for a system. Please see the Cobra Manual (under the Resources tab) for further information.

    Component Selection


    For the Cobra 2t/4t kits click here.
    (Please note these components may not be compatible with the 2t Standard systems.)

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