Helmet Earmuffs

Helmet Earmuffs
  • Provides high attenuation despite lightness and low profile. Stainless steel wire for constant pressure over long periods of use.

    SLC80: 30dB (Class 5)

    Code: H7P3G
    $61.17 inc GST
  • 3M™ Peltor™ X4 Series
    (includes E backplate which means by changing the backplate they will fit other helmets such as Petzl)

    High attenuation earmuffs don't have to be big and bulky! The Peltor X4 combines high
    noise attenuation performance with comfortable and compact design.

    • Extremely slim and lightweight earcups provide excellent compatibility when used with other 3M personal protection products
    • New specially-formulated foam earcup inserts and cushions help boost the noise absorption capability of these comfortable, lightweight earmuffs
    • Electrically insulated (dielectric) wire headband on model X4A
    • Earcups tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency
    • Comfortable and constant pressure during prolonged usage, combining comfort and protection
    • Newly-designed spacer improves attenuation without excess bulk or weight
    • Lightweight earmuff recommended for moderate to high-noise exposure applications
    • SLC80 27dB (Class 5)
    Code: X4P3GE
    $69.00 inc GST