Chainsaw Maintenance

Chainsaw Maintenance
  • 13 & 19mm, fits both Husky and Stihl
    Code: 2304-010
    $7.15 inc GST
  • Oregon Stump Vice

    Hammer into a stump to hold your saw and sharpen your chain in the field.

    Code: 26368A
    $34.44 inc GST
  • Ideal tool for removing burrs from bar rails.
    Regular use of this tool will reduce bar rail chipping.
    Code: 500-167
    $73.00 inc GST
  • This tool is for closing up the worn groove in your chainsaw bar.
    The use of this tool will increase the life of your chainsaw bar and give you better performance when cutting.
    A correctly gauged groove will keep your chain standing up straighter and cutting straighter.

    Includes Holder for groove inserts, .063 Groove Insert, .058 Groove Insert, .050 Groove Insert, 8" Flat File.
    Code: BRT1
    $224.23 inc GST
  • 19mm with star screwdriver
    $14.00 inc GST