Wool T-Shirts

Wool T-Shirts
  • Visibles designs (some pictured) are available on cotton Vests and T Shirts - add $5 to the prices (Note: Visibles do not conform to the NZFOA Standards).
    Colours for Vests, T Shirts & Visibles: Black, navy, royal blue, red and bottle green.
    (T Shirts with long sleeves down to your hands are also available in black or white, add $5)
    Comes with Levin Sawmakers Ltd Timbersaws logo printed on.
    If you want your own logo and/or information printed front and back then there is a setup charge of only $20.00. No further charges for subsequent orders.
    Set-up charge is waived for orders of 20 or more, of the same logo.
    Code: WTTS04
    From: $83.00 inc GST