Yale Kernmaster Explorer 11mm (per metre)

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YALE Kernmaster Explorer


Static-rappelling Kernmaster™ line is constructed with a traditional “mantle” sleeve consisting of 48 strands of polyester. The inside, or “kern,” is a braided core of energy-absorbing nylon. The core is fully steam-stabilized to enhance the rope’s flexibility and prevent hardening in service; the braid also bends more easily and with less fatiguing of the core when cycled over sheaves or dropped over a parapet. Sleeve is either white or solution-cast fiber (color added prior to yarn production) which makes for lasting colors and enhanced wear resistance.

Diameter 11m
Average Break Strength 3,220k
Minimum Break Strength* 2,898k
Maximum** Working Load 10:1 418k
Weight 8.2kg / 100m


*Knots and abrupt bends significantly reduce the strength of all ropes and lower maximum working load.

** For situations where a person is NOT on the rope, the working load may be doubled (5:1).



Green working 155 ft. lbs./lb.
Red ultimate 9,775 ft. lbs./lb.

Specific Gravity: 1.23

Dielectric Strength: The maximum allowable leakage for clean, dry Kernmaster is 500 micro- amperes when tested at 100kV per Yale Method 712-1701 Rev 1 "Routine Production Test." Absorbed and entrained moisture or impurities will increase rope’s conductivity dramatically.

Maximum Working Load
Minimum Break Strength
Average Break Strength