ISC Chest Ascender

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ISC Chest Ascender

The Chest Ascender is compact & lightweight and has been designed for use on a full body harness. Therefore it is ideal for use in Rope Access work.

The cam is spring-loaded and fitted with a catch mechanism, allowing for ease one-handed operation of the device whilst attaching to/removing the from the rope.

The Chest Ascender has an increased grip at low load, even on wet/greasy/oily ropes. The cones are angled downwards, giving maximum grip but allowing the cam to slide easily up the rope.

Weight 157g
Height 116mm
Width 75mm
Thickness 24mm
Rope Diameter Range 9 -13mm
Body Material Aluminium
Cam Material Stainless Steel
Body Finish Anodised
Approved Standards CE 0120 EN567:97