KT Planting Spade

$120.75 inc GST


TIMBERSAWS KT Planting Spade

For use in easy to penetrate soil.

Young pine trees blow over in strong winds when bad planters twist their roots or do not plant them deep enough for good anchorage. They then develop butt-sweep and sinuous stems so that at the time of harvest the timber is weak and of low commercial value.

All the investment spent on tying up land for a 25-30 year tree crop rotation and site preparation, tree breeding and production of planting stock can be wasted.

The KT Spade (designed by Robin Trewin Forest Establishment Consultant and Levin Sawmakers who manufacture the spade) has a 410mm blade, 100mm longer than traditional makes.

After extensive trials, a major New Zealand forestry company insists on the exclusive use of the KT spade as it facilitates deeper and straighter root placement for good growth and anchorage in strong winds.

The handle grip is over moulded with a new vulcanized thermoplastic rubber for ultimate grip, comfort and durability. This special over mould substance will not break down with sweat, salt air or U.V and is non slip wet or dry. It also has the lowest rating for muscular activity with less effort needed to grip, less muscle strain and less fatigue for the user. The inside of the spade handle has been made wider for bigger hands with an oval grip for comfort.

The spade handle yoke is made from nylon impregnated with rubber to assist with impact shock absorption.

Manufactured by Levin Sawmakers N.Z.

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Spade Shaft Length Blade Length Blade Width Top Blade Width Bottom Blade Thickness


Ace 1 Straight 960mm 300mm 170mm 120mm 4mm 2.90kg
Ace 1 Light Straight 960mm 300mm 170mm 120mm 3.2mm 2.75kg
King Straight 980mm 320mm 150mm 100mm 4mm 2.85kg
Poker Straight 960mm 290mm 150mm 125mm 4mm 2.70kg
Jack 1 Offset 960mm 300mm 170mm 120mm 4mm 3.10kg
Jack 2 Offset 960mm 300mm 170mm 125mm 4mm 2.95kg
Jack 3 Offset 960mm 300mm 170mm 125mm 4mm 3.30kg
Little Ripper Offset 960mm 280mm 135mm 90mm 4mm 2.30kg
KT Spade  Straight 970mm 410mm 180mm 130mm 4mm 3.05kg
Beez Neez T Straight 1100mm 250mm 100mm 80mm 4mm 3.20kg
Beez Neez H Straight 900mm 250mm 100mm 80mm 4mm 2.25kg
PC290 Straight 864mm 230mm 108mm 83mm 3mm 1.50kg
PC270 Straight 864mm 220mm 98mm 70mm 3mm  1.40kg
TS4 Straight 900mm 310mm 150mm 110mm 3mm 2.30kg
TS5 Offset 900mm 310mm 150mm 110mm 3mm 2.30kg
TS6 Straight 960mm 310mm 150mm 110mm 3mm 2.40kg
TS7 Offset 960mm 310mm 150mm 110mm 3mm 2.40kg
Walsh Offset 1010mm 300mm 150mm 110mm 3mm 2.40kg