MIS312 Environmental Arboriculture

MIS312 Environmental Arboriculture

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MIS312 Environmental Arboriculture

Minimum Industry Standard series

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This book is one in a series of Minimum Industry Standards produced by Arboriculture Australia Ltd and the New Zealand Arboricultural Association in consultation with the national arboriculture community in both countries. These industry peer-reviewed documents provide a ‘body of knowledge’ which is shared by practitioners and can be used as the basis for training, dissemination of skills and professional development.

This book covers the basics of tree climbing equipment and tree access using a variety of tree climbing skills and techniques. Many other techniques, climbing systems and climbing equipment configurations are possible which are not discussed in this document. Nevertheless, the skills and techniques presented in this document form a solid foundation on which practitioners can build.



1: Concepts of Environmental Arboriculture

  • Arboriculture or environmental arboriculture?
  • Compartmentalisation Of Decay In Trees: CODIT
  • Natural target pruning techniques
  • Environmental arboricultural pruning techniques
  • Deadwood
  • Chainsaw ecology


2: Practices of Environmental Arboriculture

  • Biosecurity
  • Kauri dieback
  • Fracture pruning and coronet cuts
  • Coronet cut techniques
  • Habitat trees and stumps
  • Identifying suitability for habitat retention
  • Creating habitat trees and habitat stumps
  • Dead or Alive?
  • Ongoing management of habitat trees
  • Retrenchment pruning
  • Retaining epiphytes, parasites and vines
  • Removing concrete and expanding foam
  • Artificial hollow and habitat creation