Zero Chainsaw Trousers

Zero Chainsaw Trousers

Clogger's new, lightweight, premium arborist chainsaw trouser. Cool, light and durable. Available from April 2016.

The weight reduction hasn't been at the expense of the safety protection. Instead weight has been saved by scouring the world for light and strong stretch fabrics, for highly abrasion resistant fabrics that weigh less and refining some of the features from the well-known Ascend. The result: chainsaw trousers that weigh less than 1kg, are cooler and more durable but are still fully certified.

Certified to AS/NZS4453.3:1997.


  • Lightweight; made with new generation Lightweight Arrestex HP chainsaw protective fabric - total garment weight is less than 1kg.
  • A style chainsaw protection; frontal protection only where it is mostly needed.
  • Large cooling vents; Bigger rear cooling vents allows body heat to escape faster keeping you fresher.
  • Especially good in hotter climates.
  • Cooling outer fabric; the outer fabric is engineered to move moisture away from the skin keeping you cooler.
  • Tough, stretch outer fabric; gives greater durability and the 4-way stretch allows you greater freedom of movement and flexibility.
  • UV protective; Outer material is UV protective shielding you from the harmful effects of the sun.
  • Abrasion resistant fabric; high abrasion resistant fabric has been incorporated from the knee down increasing the durability in these high wear areas.
  • Slim Fit; offers superior comfort and reduced bulk.
  • Extra leg length; means more freedom of movement when using spikes or when stretching out along a limb.
  • Hi-vis panels; the bright orange panels ensures you can be seen wherever you are.
  • Pockets strategically placed on thigh; gives easy access when in a harness.
  • Zipped pockets; prevents contents falling out and zipper pulls make it easier to open pockets even when wearing gloves.
  • Convenient Cell Phone Pocket and Hip Pockets; extra pockets means more storage for things you might need.

Recommended for: Arborist, Professional

SizeWaistInner Leg Length
XS75 - 80cm83cm
S81 - 86cm84.5cm
M87 - 92cm86cm
L93 - 98cm87cm
XL99 - 104cm88cm
2XL105 - 110cm88cm


ArrestexHP Chainsaw Protective Fabric

Arrestex HP is a high performance chainsaw protective fabric. Traditionally chainsaw protective fabrics work by clogging the sprocket with hundreds of tough polyester, polypropylene or nylon fibres. ARRESTEX HP both clogs and resists cutting. Super high strength, cut resistant fibres are incorporated into the protective pad giving vastly improved performance without adding weight or bulk.

Look for the Arrestex HP logo - representing the next level of performance for chainsaw protective clothing.


Code Image Description Favourites Price Qty
T19Z01 Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers (XS)
$345.00 inc GST
T19Z02 Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers (S)
$345.00 inc GST
T19Z03 Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers (M)
$345.00 inc GST
T19Z04 Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers (L)
$345.00 inc GST
T19Z05 Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers (XL)
$345.00 inc GST
T19Z06 Clogger Zero Chainsaw Trousers (2XL)
$345.00 inc GST
T71ZWM Clogger Zero Woman Chainsaw Trousers (M)
$345.00 inc GST