• Roll up 19 Litre Water FlexPak
    Collapsible backpack tank with a hand pump. Quick release sternum straps. Weight 2kg empty, 21kg full. Designed for back comfort. Compact and collapsible for easy storage.

    Roll up 19 Litre Foam FlexPak
    Same as water FlexPak but with a different hand pump with a 500ml concentrate reservoir and a air-respirated nozzle suited for the foam/water mix.

    Foam Solution (20L)
    The foam solution can also be used in the standard Rega knapsacks. Mix 500ml of foam solution to 15-16 litres of water (put water in first and then add foam on top).

    Code: FLPW
    From: $215.05 inc GST
  • Rega Mounting bracket secure mount, quick release buckle.

    Code: RKB
    $109.25 inc GST
  • Rega 16L Fire Fighter Knapsack

    The Rega Fire Fighter Knapsack holds up to 16 litres of water and is designed for fighting low intensity fires or hot spots and for mopping up / cooling down areas after the fires have been extinguished.

    Code: RKF
    $219.00 inc GST