Rigging Ropes

Rigging Ropes
  • This double braided cordage is ideal for use in lowering systems, supplying unmatched rope strength and durability.

    Polydyne is the strongest double braided polyester rope available. It has low stretch and excellent abrasion resistance which is further enhanced by our tree grade Maxijacket coatings. The secret is all in the core which in the case of Polydyne is high tenacity tire grade nylon. Nylon provides the energy absorption advantage and allows the rope to stretch more in its early load cycle.

    These ropes are color coded for diameter which makes finding the right rope for the right job easier.

    Polydyne is a workhorse for lowering devices, pulleys, speed lines, and slings.

    Code: YALEPD12
    From: $6.79 inc GST
  • Yalex is a single braid 12 strand rope contructed of Honeywell’s type 1W81 high tenacity polyester. Yalex is always finished with a Maxijacket coating to optimise the abrasion life of the rope. Yalex is the strongest of all Yale’s polyester ropes, is ideal for whoopie slings, dead eye slings, topping strops etc., and is easily spliced.

    Code: YALEX16
    From: $3.75 inc GST