Splicing Tools

Splicing Tools
  • Yale Cordage Tubular Fids

    Fids are essential tools for splicing.

    Here are splicing instructions and videos for splicing Yale ropes

    Code: FID12
    From: $14.85 inc GST
  • Code: NEEDLEA
    From: $15.95 inc GST
  • Yale splicing pusher, small or large.

    Code: PUSHERL
    From: $27.37 inc GST
  • Yale Whipping Twine

    Finish your splices and rope ends with Yale Whipping Twine.

    Yale Whiplock Instructions can be found here.

    Code: WHIP229
    From: $24.00 inc GST
  • Yale Pro Splicer Kit

    Not only does this kit give you all the tools, it gives you a great place to keep them. The grommets in the top corners allow you to hang this on your workbench or on a wall for easy access.

    The SPLICER kid has all the exact measurements you will need for quality splices silk screened right on the pouch.

    The YALE CORDAGE S-P-L-I-C-E-R contains the following highest quality splicing tools:

    • 1/4 Anodized tubular fid
    • 5/16 Anodized tubular fid
    • 3/8 Anodized tubular fid
    • 1/2 Anodized tubular fid
    • 7/16 Anodized tubular fid
    • 9/16 Anodized tubular fid
    • 5/8 Anodized tubular fid
    • 3/4 Anodized tubular fid
    • 1" Anodized tubular fid
    • One pair scissors
    • 3 stitching needles
    • One small fid pusher
    • One large fid pusher
    • Storage roll pouch
    Code: YPSK
    $355.00 inc GST