KK Parts

KK Parts
  • KK Fiori Locking Spring

    An addition for those of you that like to 'Lock it in' the Fiori Lock Spring gives you the option. Currently only available for Gecko or KK Spikesenders.



    Code: KKFLS
    $13.99 inc GST
  • KK Super Light Gaffs

    The KK Titanium Super Light gaff is 4 x lighter than the lightest gaff on the market. You don't even realise you have them on. Especially when used with Kiwi Klimbers.

    They are hollow but engineered to be as strong as they are light. These are by far the most advanced climbing spur ever made. When tested the tip was good for 700kg and a sharpened set good for 1600kg.



    Code: KKGTI
    $239.90 inc GST
  • KK Jonnies

    Stay safe! Never penetrate another old bag!

    Jonnies work great with the Body Bag as they stick to velcro while you're climbing. Never go hunting for Jonnies again.


    Code: KKJ
    $20.00 inc GST
  • KK Spikesender for Buckingham (post 2009)

    The KK Spikescender is a foot ascender independent of the gaff and ran be retrofitted to the Buckingham climbers. The KK Spikescender bolts directly to the shaft, beneath the existing gaff, and tucks well out of the way beside your heel. The use of the KK Spikescender ensures smooth management of slack, while keeping your climbing line well out of harms way when ascending SRT or DIRT.

    Code: KKSB/L
    From: $239.00 inc GST
  • KK Spacer

    KK Spacer moves your short gaffs toward the trunk of the tree and gives that little bit more space for thicker bark. It also balances the Spikescender.

    Retro fit - Gecko CF, Classics and KK climbers.

    Code: KKSP
    $19.90 inc GST