Arborist Trousers

Arborist Trousers
  • Arcmax FR trousers by Clogger are the first truly fire-resistant chainsaw protective trousers to be available on the market. They also incorporate some great innovative features to make utility arborists' job easier.

    Being 100% fire resistant means that they comply with the international standard NFPA Code 70E, that states " NO materials are allowed to be used that will melt or drip at temperatures of 315°C". With Arrestex FR, an FR version of the well-known Arrestex chainsaw protective fabric, these garments are totally fire resistant, NOT JUST THE OUTER COVERING.

    Certified to AS/NZS4453.3:1997. Team with our Fire-Resistant Shirts for full body Fire Protection.

    Code: ARC11
    From: $340.00 inc GST
  • ArborMax Ascend Chainsaw Trousers

    Arbormax Ascend are Clogger's latest addition to the popular Arbormax range. This trouser, with its new style, incorporates many features/benefits that arborists have been asking for like rear vents, shaped knees, longer leg length and cell phone pockets.
    Arbormax Ascend are an 'A-style' trouser, offering protection on the front only. So with less weight to carry around, you will feel less fatigued and cooler.

    Code: ASC01
    From: $368.00 inc GST
  • ArborMax Chainsaw Trousers

    Arborist trousers that are functional and stylish. Incorporating full frontal protection with the addition of 360° chainsaw protection from the knee down. Perfect for those chainsaw users wanting extra protection.

    Certified to AS/NZS4453.3:1997.

    Code: T71A01
    From: $315.00 inc GST