Arborist Trousers

Arborist Trousers
  • Arcmax FR trousers by Clogger are the first truly fire-resistant chainsaw protective trousers to be available on the market. They also incorporate some great innovative features to make utility arborists' job easier.

    Being 100% fire resistant means that they comply with the international standard NFPA Code 70E, that states " NO materials are allowed to be used that will melt or drip at temperatures of 315°C". With Arrestex FR, an FR version of the well-known Arrestex chainsaw protective fabric, these garments are totally fire resistant, NOT JUST THE OUTER COVERING.

    Certified to AS/NZS4453.3:1997. Team with our Fire-Resistant Shirts for full body Fire Protection.

    Code: ARC11
    From: $340.00 inc GST
  • ArborMax Ascend Chainsaw Trousers

    Arbormax Ascend are Clogger's latest addition to the popular Arbormax range. This trouser, with its new style, incorporates many features/benefits that arborists have been asking for like rear vents, shaped knees, longer leg length and cell phone pockets.
    Arbormax Ascend are an 'A-style' trouser, offering protection on the front only. So with less weight to carry around, you will feel less fatigued and cooler.

    Code: ASC01
    From: $368.00 inc GST
  • ArborMax Chainsaw Trousers

    Arborist trousers that are functional and stylish. Incorporating full frontal protection with the addition of 360° chainsaw protection from the knee down. Perfect for those chainsaw users wanting extra protection.

    Certified to AS/NZS4453.3:1997.

    Code: T71A01
    From: $315.00 inc GST
  • Clogger Zero Trousers Gen2 - Men's Version

    The first generation of the Zero has been a game changer for the industry. The first lightweight, chainsaw protective trouser which you don't sweat in all day long when you are climbing.

    The new Zero does the same as his older brother. But better.
    It embraces your movements: you are able to stretch, climb and jump freely.
    No need to be worried about tears and rips - the outer fabric of the garment been reinforced!
    Of course, Zero's fit and style stays the same. You will look good in the trees... or in the ground!

    Code: T71Z01
    From: $320.00 inc GST
  • Code: T71ZO02
    From: $349.00 inc GST
  • Code: T71ZW01
    From: $345.00 inc GST
  • Code: T71ZWO01
    From: $349.00 inc GST